Your Berlin based No. 1 resource for increasing the performance of your B2B telesales teams. IGNITE MY SALES is your one-shop-stop and answer to benchmark your sales team’s overall performance. Turn on hidden potential, and implement fresh and tailored content, to break through your barriers!

1. Sales Audit

2. Sustainable Training

Management Advisory

Sales Strategies for Processes, & Operations. Sales Audits for Sales Organizations!

Sales Training & Coaching

Sales performance increase through sales trainings and individual coaching!


IGNITE pushes you towards increased productivity and sales profitability through implementation of new sales processes and structure tailored to your sales team. IGNITE lays the foundation serving to sustain those increased results, by creating and reinforcing positive behavior via the seller performance management system. Regardless of your current sales strategy and approach – direct sales, sales through a partner, face-to-face on C-Level, or via telemarketing for SMBs – we identify, implement and maintain the best strategy for your revenue generation.

The IGNITE Experience

IGNITE has looked under the hood of many a sales organization- the good, the bad and the downright ugly, along with having experienced change management and the effect of such change on personnel. Change is uncomfortable for most, but some time or another it becomes inevitable if said business wishes to thrive or even just survive in their market. Let us spare a moment of silence for Nokia or Kodak, and consider whether you want to fix or implement the change before your services and methods of business become obsolete.

IGNITE will post-compliment all efforts by actually helping recruit and hire that new sales leader/s and other personnel by developing and assisting with selection, on-boarding, mind-setting processes. 

The Marshals of IGNITE have extensive backgrounds in sales and sales leadership. Over the years they have observed and learned not just the best practices of their trade, but have developed unique methods and concepts specialized in transforming sales professionals into sales stars. Coming from sales management, we did sales recruiting and sales training ourselves. Success, like the success of the average sales representative, has always been defined by actual results, measured in currency.

The one who demonstrates better ways of selling by actually executing the sale is the only one who will win the trust and support of a team of sales professionals. A leader must lead from the front and not just make suggestions by pushing from the back, in a safety zone. Everything we do, we do to create better results for our clients by looking at things that would benefit their sales professionals. To achieve something great, the people at our clients business must also have a better life as a result of success.

Kiss – Keep It Simple Silly
Many years of reinventing telesales concepts and incorporating web-based presentations have led to the development of the „perfect sales meeting,“ borrowing methods of neuro-linguistic programming mixed with unique questioning techniques. But one must be weary rocket science; sometimes a clear and simple process is the easiest way to increase overall sales success. Therefore we keep all actual changes kiss friendly.

Digital Natives
The art of successful selling is constant progression, much like the development of a car. A car which has been engineered and built 15 years ago, may still be a decent car for being older, but will never compete with a car build today. A vehicle older than 30 years may already have an aura and has a legacy, but will only be taking out of the garage for the next show. With the introduction of CRM systems as being innovative, no one would have thought how much of time wasters they may become for sales professionals. A seller does not manage his pipeline; instead, he gets maintained through the completion of planned activities through his CRM system. Still, CRM systems are a necessity for any sales organizations and provide structure and guidance.
We at IGNITE don’t suggest just merely to deploy new technology, we design and customize our technology to push the boundaries of sales and sales management even further.