Mission & Vision

The IGNITE MY SALES was founded by Sascha Kronberg in 2014.

Based on the diverse experiences of his professional career, he has decided to pass them on to other companies as consultants.
Especially in telemarketing, this profound knowledge has helped companies to make their teams more productive, successful, and experienced.
Through his network, there are also numerous contacts with other industries, resulting in inquiries in different sectors.
For more than five years, he also advised the German Outsourcing Association at its events in an advisory and accompanying manner.
Discussions with decision-makers of IT Services & -Process providers have ultimately led to our consulting and Business Development as a Service offering.

The central problems in the solution provider as partners are manifold. Boundaries exist in mentality, language, time zones, and trust.
On the other hand, however, there are German companies that are desperately looking for employees in a challenging job market.
Global Corporations demonstrate how to forge partnerships with solution providers worldwide.

Our vision is that we provide the appropriate base for both sides to find the right partner for the existing project, the vacancies, or solely for the needs.
We want to build bridges for companies so that they do not lose touch with digitization in a connected world.


Professionals Providing Exceptional Service

The heart of the company is a group of professionals, knowing each other for decades. The founders are very different; however, they share the same core values: flexibility, friendliness, and to go to infinity and beyond to provide exceptional service for their clients.

Helge Brauckhoff, Sascha Kronberg, and Ákos Doleschall (from left to right) have a combined 50+ years of experience in business development and sales & marketing.

Sascha, CEO, and co-founder has worked for BMW, Siemens, Regus, or ReachLocal, to name a few. He has hired and trained hundreds of salespeople and opened 10+ offices in Germany and across Europe. He has extensive experience in management and how to get the best out of people.

Helge, a salesperson for life, has been selling IT- and Software in Germany for 20+ years. He has an uncanny ability to make friends around the world and to be instantly likable.

Ákos is the operational wizard who has managed many accounts, from small SMEs to global juggernauts. He also has years of marketing and CRM experience.

Together they share the knowledge on how to sell in Germany. They understand the mentality and culture of the CEE region, which creates a perfect combination to be your sales ticket to Germany.