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salza.core is our system to host the call campaign-data and to facilitate phone calls from agents to prospects. It incorporates dynamic scripting and guides an agent through the phone-pitch while measuring the effectiveness of spoken content. Through the collection of anonymized conversion data across all calls and agents, salza.core will adjust its real-time guidance to maximize sales success.
Script Library

Script Library

Customizable sales scripts, digesting a sales call into interchangeable modules (e.g., need analysis, etc.). Includes omnipresent texture to spin a story (e.g., trust, etc.).
check conversions

Call Content Tracking

Call content tracking through manual record taking (point & click) and agent voice recognition (based on pre-defined keywords).

Conversion Rating

Content rating and conversion check of delivered call modules. Data comparison between all calls of all agents within a campaign.
Real-Time Guidance

Real-Time Guidance

Call & Agent KPIs based on successful completion of modules, speech analysis and reached call objectives. Real-time guidance during calls based on call predictions.

With salza core we were able to onboard new sales agents in half the usual time. Lead utilization and sales opportunities almost doubled across the sales team.

Dirk Haro, CEO

MVP (minimal viable product) salza core walk-through

Integrated Features & Components

VoIP Dialer

A dialer using proxy-numbers to mask prospects personal data, and associate agent to call campaign

CRM Integration

Data integration & APIs to CRM systems, to securely exchange contact data and achieved result by agents

Speech Analytics

Agent voice recording to analyze positive- or negative keywords, flagging inappropriate behavior

Payment System

Providing a payment system which is compliant with PSD2 and pays agent per call and performance.