Market Entry & Setup of New Sales Organizations in Germany.

Planning of processes, location, recruiting, training & leadership for rapid and steady sales growth.

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Planning and Setup of New Sales Organizations

Keep an eye on the company's success when building new sales organizations. Choose the right location, take into account the availability of specialist staff and the local conditions. Together we design the sales processes to ensure rapid and steady growth. We help with the recruitment and training of new salespeople. We hand over a turnkey, high-performance sales team to your country manager!

In total we have helped setting up Eleven sales offices in Germany and abroad.

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Market Entry & Setup of new sales organizations in Germany

Market entry and setup of a B2B sales organization in Germany

Planning and setting up new sales organizations in Germany. Advice on the right choice of location, personnel, and processes for rapid sales growth.

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Case Study Markt Entry & SetUp Sales

Individual advice, planning, and execution of your route-to-market

Market entry & setup of new sales organizations in Germany is complicated. Conditions and circumstances change - and no two companies are alike. A lot depends on the details of the product and the organization. Has the product already been tailored locally to the new market? What organizational structures are there, and where is the competence center for support located? Distribution channels naturally play a significant role. Do you own direct sales and client relationship, or do you prefer external sales- and trading partners? The attractiveness of different regional locations differs depending on customer groups, needs for employees, or sales channels.

Case Study Market Entry Germany

ReachLocal Deutschland

In October 2010, the US company ReachLocal Inc was very successful in Europe through its English branches in London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

As of January 2011, operations began with the first office in Berlin in Germany. In addition to adapting the product for the German market, the legal requirements for founding a German GmbH, etc. had to be created. Sascha Kronberg headed the development of all German branches. In addition to regional location planning, the project also included recruiting, training, and leading the local sales and sales teams. The mix of the right talents, the use of neurolinguistic sales training, and the results-oriented management of his teams brought German business to new heights. ReachLocal Germany generated sales of 20 million euros in just 36 months and employed 150 direct sales employees at locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt, and Vienna.

ReachLocal Deutschland
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Neues Kanzler Eck Berlin

In the beginning, we evaluated possible locations for the German headquarters. Berlin already had a lively startup community in 2010/2011, but very rarely, foreign companies were choosing Berlin as their entry point. At that time, Frankfurt and Munich were more common. The main reasons for a headquarters in Berlin were the dynamic pool of talented sales staff and the fact that testing new processes products would have less impact on other German markets in the West. Berlin has a large number of SMEs that represent performance indicators for the rest of Germany.

  • Decision to enter the German market based on talent, availability, and remuneration level.
  • Advantage: An almost sandbox-like environment in which new processes could be tested.
  • Many small SMEs, even if regional GDP is lower.
„We hired Sascha shortly after our IPO to enter the German market, and it truly was one of the best decisions we made in Europe. Sascha is one of the most gifted multi-cultural executives I have ever worked with, and his vision, management acumen, and leadership capability allowed us to dominate the online advertising market for SMB‘s in just three years. When I retired from RLE Sascha had built a 150+ German and Austrian business approaching 20 million euro in just 36 months. He is one of the brightest and most dynamic tech executives coming out of the Berlin startup community, and I am so pleased ReachLocal has him in Germany.“
John Mazur, CEO Europe


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