Must do: Own Your Plan, Or Get Owned By Your Competition

Own Your Plan

Hey Dude! Own Your Plan! You might have the best product in the world, and you still are not selling? In Monday Morning Sales Meetings you look around you and see other beaming with the glory about their sales last week? The worst, deep inside you know that you are below your expectations?

Own your plan or get owned by someone who does!

There are a few and simple reasons, beyond the obvious. Let’s assume you are a likable person with personality; you are not dumb and probably have the right working attitude (at least most of the time). You know how to engage prospects, once you have found them, and know how to keep them happy, once you have won them as a customer.

One of the biggest reasons why people struggle to reach their business dream is that they lack having a dream. They don’t know where they want to be, except that it should be more. They go with the flow, the daily groove, without a plan or strategy for their own professional life.
Own your plan, or others will owe you (your colleagues are also your competitors and are planning to pass you on their career path).

The theory in Earl Nightingale’s “The Strangest Secret” is about to act and live what you like to become. The fastest race car without a driver will never win the Formula One. A football team which is not training how to play the game will never win the championship. A chess player who is not thinking ahead will find it hard to beat the opponent.

A goal is a dream with a deadline and actions associated with each step of the way.

 If you want more sales to reach your goal analyze the following:

– what clients do you have?
– where do they come from (industry, geographical region, culture)?
– what is your average order value?
– what were the circumstances that made them buy from you?
– what do your customers have in common?

Also, analyze the reverse. Why prospects didn’t buy. Don’t cheat, be honest and answer truthfully (do it in a small dark room by yourself if you have to):

– Did you lose prospects because they didn’t see enough value?
– Had you been prepared enough about their business when asking questions?
– Were your prospects sufficiently qualified in the first place?
– Did you see enough qualified prospects?

Once you know a few data points, you can start formalizing a plan. Your strategy. What knowledge or skills do you need to acquire-, what do have to learn-, or in what fields do you need to get better at? Did you handle objections in the right way? Did you use some form of sensing some urgency?
In sales, it is not who you know, but who knows you. Do potential prospects know about you? What do you do to ensure that they do?

Quantity and Measurable achievements:

Break down your strategy in small steps. Break it into daily achievements, weekly accomplishments. How many prospects do you need to see in a week, how many referrals can you earn and give? To how many networking events do you have to go in a week?

Quality related achievements

Ask your existing clients why they have bought from you. Learn to strengthen your weaknesses, can you improve your sales presentation? Do you need to prepare better to understand your prospect’s business better? How many time-wasting tasks were blocking you in seeing more qualified prospects?
The big dream consists of smaller milestones. Formulate milestones and celebrate them when you achieve them. Like in sports, achievements will fuel your desire! Write down your plan, step by step. Formulate your tasks and work on them daily. Have your plan with you, yet better own it!

Very soon into your strategy, you will start acting the way you would like to become; it will accelerate your efforts and achievements. Your colleagues and the people around you will notice; this will come naturally and is a reflection of your efforts and results.

Like Earl Nightingale has already foreseen, the simple fact that you take destiny into your own hands will already help you achieving your dreams.