Sales Assessment & Performance Measurement

Circumstances and setup of your team. Sales processes and overall objectives. Assessment of individual- and team performance. Operational skills- and talent check. Team motivation and individual resilience

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Sales-Audit: Strategic Advisory & Performance Management

IGNITE’s in-depth advisory is all about shaping a sales floor by setting up processes and structures which favor salesmanship, without neglecting the business’ overall interests. We add a qualitative perspective from which you see, value and tune your businesses’ sales performance. 

IGNITE pushes you towards increased productivity and sales profitability through implementation of new sales processes and structure tailored for your sales team. IGNITE lays the foundation serving to sustain those improved results, by creating and reinforcing positive behavior.




Together we review your business proposition, what are you selling? What are your unique selling points and your prospective advantages? Does your selling argument match with the buying motives of your target audience?
Are you a leader, follower or lagger? Competitive activity and commanding stance define your position in your market. We look at your goals and their feasibility just as we examine the utilization of your sales opportunities, customer life time value, and cost of acquisition.
What are the current resources you are working with right now? Definition of absence- or excess of resources – do you have a lack-, or do you have too much of any particular resource? Do your resources complement each other, or how does know-how vs. process neutralize progression?


IGNITE will augment your organizational reality by applying new methods, targets and transform your sales teams. After checking the feasibility of goals, strategy and sales processes will be adopted to meet your new reality.
Together with HR and Recruitment, compensation will be competitively optimized, targeted recruitment executed to build your sales teams qualitatively.
Through lead segmentation, result based KPI settings and tailored sales training, your sales teams shall become a high performing sales organization. Through conversion based sales scripting, we build the framework for a sustainable revenue increase.


As your team wants to maintain sustainable improvements, they need to follow new habits, adjusted procedures, and revamped processes consistently, until they become second nature. To avoid paying “lip service,“ management must guide and support their teams, to strengthen new habits. IGNITE helps the organization during this crucial period by dedicating extra time and resources through mentoring and coaching the leadership team.
IGNITE guides telephone based engagement of prospect through its proprietary „conversion based scripting“ method (CBS). CBS measures and compares sales conversions, and returns recommendations to the team. Based on objections, essential learning and training areas helps management to be on the pulse of the market and their sales teams.

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