Why is Prospecting Important to your business?

Lifecycle of B2B Sales

The cycle for all sales: Create new opportunities, convert them into happy clients, and start over again.

Closing new business requires a high level of experience and judgment and is a highly autonomous role which requires specific qualities in a salesperson.

Follow a strong and rigid process

Creating new opportunities is a numbers game of low autonomy activity. The key to successful prospecting lies in developing and following a proven and specific process.

It takes stamina and energy to focus on calling new prospects solely and contradicts the desired characteristics of a sales closer.

A large number of enterprises already employ call agents for prospecting, or outsource to call centers.

Equip your telesales with superpowers

salza core is a communication platform for your B2B telesales team. Measure spoken content of your sales agents and learn the reasons why they have lost a prospect. Get KPIs based on content and conversion, and manage your sales team based on quality, not just quantity.

Use big data and artificial intelligence to guide your agents through the call. Provide them with the rights questions to ask at the right time, and equip them with superpowers to enhance sales performance.

Join Forces with Freelance call agents

Outsource painful prospecting calls to an armada of freelance call agents. Advertise call campaigns on a cost-per-call basis and manage their performance together with your in-house sales team. Outsource appointment setting for costs far below average salaries. Scale your sales efforts whenever needed.

salza marketplaces offer freelance opportunities to part-time call agents, students- and stay-at-home parents. Make calls from home, anytime and anywhere it suits you as an agent. Get paid by call and outcome, get better pay than call agents in call centers.