Training for B2B Telesales

Our bespoke sales training for telesales helps younger and experienced seller alike. Explore buying motives and need; establish a structure to overcome objections and excuses. Enhance your sales scripts through conversion optimization

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Motives & Needs

Understand buying motives, implied needs and specific wants of your prospect. Adjust all criterions, to be set for success!

Modules & Textures

How to build and structure the sales pitch you will own! Compose individual modules and build context with texture!

Objectives & Objections

build conversions according to the objective – eat & breath your sales call. Learn to overcome objections – avoid excuses!



Training for B2B Telesales - Transforming Team Performance & Cold Calling

We do not believe in the instant success of sales coaching or -training, nor in any marvel closing tricks, which will transform Captain Zero into a selling Super-Hero over night. In our training, we reinforce buying motives and mutual connected sales processes. We teach methods of applying selling techniques and practice them in role plays.
The human mind needs habits and routine, to adapt to changes. Similar to New Year resolutions, new habits only prevail when they are executed regularly, or they are getting neglected quickly. Part of our training is the creation of an interactive, adaptable yet scalable sales script, customized towards the seller prospecting on the phone.
Through the measurement of call objectives and conversions, the script will optimize itself when used back in the office. Through the transformation from selling methods and buying motives into a solid, concrete and useful sales script, IGNITE contributes to the success of reaching sales goals and revenue targets.

Modules for Training

Call Objectives

  • Definition of primary objectives
  • Definition of secondary objectives
  • From buying motives to selling process
  • Fear of failure, reverse negativity

Reaching The Decision Maker

  • Research call vs sales calls
  • The real decision maker
  • Get past the gatekeeper
  • Using different personas,
  • Voice / body language as a tool
  • Why you are getting rejected

Structure of a sales call according to its objectives

  • Identify modules according to common objectives
  • Characteristics and personal attributes for successfully creating the story and context of a call (Texture)
  • Questioning Techniques for navigation through the call
  • Adapting to circumstances using predefined Scenarios
  • Using different approaches according to prospect properties
  • Adapting to a prospect’s emotion driven responses

Build content for Modules

  • Introduction and Qualification of the Decision Maker
  • Impact Statement, getting past the 1st minute
  • Need Analysis. Current status quo and needs
  • Value vs. Benefit evaluation
  • Product Presentation – Features, Advantages, Benefits according to Scenarios
  • Value / Payoff – how much would it be worth for the prospect to fulfill his need?

Build Content for Texture

  • High level of trust and respect
  • Create rapport, establish a relationship
  • Believable urgency, firm but fair
  • Show interest, friendly but professional
  • Preempt objections
  • Always be closing, seeking agreement

Objections & Closing

  • Objections vs. Excuses
  • Sidestepping vs. Objection Handling
  • How to isolate and to overcome an objection
  • Agreeing on future actions
  • Reaching the primary or secondary objectives
  • Roleplays

Practical Pitch Writing

  • Create sub-scripts per module
  • Create scenarios via multiple modules
  • Create threads of texture
  • Create and validate feature-, advantage- & benefit statements per scenario
  • Create rate cards to measure successful conversions

Monthly Subscription

Want to get your organization or sales team back on fire? It doesn’t take a lot to get a candle burning, many teams are excited first but fall back to old habits just a couple days after. If you want sustainable changes, you need to apply training and coaching continuously.

  • Sales process advisory
  • Strategy & process alterations
  • Sales training for prospecting;personality, structure, context
  • Scalable and flexible sales script, optimized based on conversions
  • Sales training for conducting sales presentations
  • Sales training for objection handling
  • Leadership or individual coaching

2 full days or 4 half days worth of superior support, to increase performance

Prepaid Packages

If you are looking for personal guidance, individual coaching or the occasional sales training, we offer you prepaid hourly packages.
You can use the time for smaller occasions by the hour, or you can add them to your monthly subscription, to gain additional support for revenue critical times

16 hours to be used within 12 month

By The Hour

In case you need the extra time, the extra mile for getting your sales processes optimized, or the occasional hourly mentorship, we offer our service by the hour. You can add those hours to previously purchased prepaid packages, or for topping off a monthly subscription.

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